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Lightening Fast, reliable internet for your small business or enterprise  with unlimited usage to keep your business running at peak performance! Find the right plan for your business needs. 

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Benefits Of  Business Internet

Business Bundle


Bundle your services with DLT Telecom, and keep your business humming like a well oiled machine. Forget the additional headache of managing multiple communication vendors. With one partner to manage it all for you, you can focus on running your business. The DLT Telecom bundles not only save you money,  but it is packed with features, offering more value beyond just phone, internet and long distance minutes.

Better Value


Faster Support


Add what you Need

When you have all your services from the same provider, you have one provider who can troubleshoot for you.  When you have multiple providers, you may have to call each company for troubleshooting, and you may have to go back and forth to find out which provider has caused the problem.

Reliable Connectivity
Backed by a one of the most reliable networks in North America. Whether you just need a connection for just one employee, or 300, DLT Telecom leverages national DSL, cable and fiber  networks to provide you with the best solution for your business backed by a robust Servicer Level Agreement.

Unlimited Usage
Get peace of mind with bill certainty from DLT Telecom. internet plans come with unlimited usage, which means you can plan your budget more predictably without worrying about unexpected overage charges


Widely Available for All your Locations
hether your office is in one location or you have staff in multiple cities, you can get service from DLT Telecom for all of your offices.

Includes All Your Essentials
All plans include a Wi-Fi modem, 5 email accounts, and 24/7 business technical support to get your business going.

Bundle & Save
Benefits of Business Internet
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