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Residential Services


Internet Services


Unlimited Internet... HUGE SAVINGS!
Lightening Fast, and speeds up to 250 Mbps 

 ​Starting at $39.95/mo

*Guaranteed on 2-Year Term

Sign Up Today  Start Saving Right Away!

for Home
  • Unlimited local calling

  • Unlimited USA & Canada calling

  • Up to 18 calling features including:
    Caller ID, Conference call, Voicemail, Call Forward, Text msg, Call Waiting and more...

  • Lowest International Rates


Residential Bundle


Bundle your services with DLT Telecom, and keep your home humming like a well oiled machine. Forget the additional headache of managing multiple communication vendors. With one partner to manage it all for you, you can focus on your family and leisure. The DLT Telecom bundles not only save you money,  but are  packed with features, offering more value beyond just phone, internet and long distance minutes.

Better Value


Faster Support


Add what you Need

When you have all your services from the same provider, you have one provider who can troubleshoot for you.  When you have multiple providers, you may have to call each company for troubleshooting, and you may have to go back and forth to find out which provider has caused the problem.

Bundle & Save
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