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Polycom VVX  Not Obtaining DHCP IP Address?

Are you a Polycom VVX user or installer and had difficulties getting the phone to work on your network? Our team has noted a number of installers who had great difficulty obtaining an IP address for the phone, nor could they locate the solution online or get the support they needed to resolve the issue. Well our experts at DLT Telecom has solved the problem and the solution is more simple than you may think.

Question: “The problem I'm running into is when I plug them into our network, they refuse to obtain a IP address. Any idea why? Is there a setting I'm missing? I did my best to look through other support articles but turned up empty-handed.”


Step 1. You need to go into the settings of the phone:

Settings Advanced Administrative Settings Network Configuration Etherenet VLAN Menu

Step 2. Set the following 3 parameters:

LLDP: Disabled CDP Compatibility: Disabled VLAN Discovery Mode: Disabled

Step 3. Reboot the phone

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